We provide brand value fulfillment starting from ideation to production, to packaging and distribution of branded merchandise.

We believe in marketing campaigns and employee experience programs as essential tools that strengthen brand value and increase audience loyalty.

We advocate innovation and actively contribute to the growth of our brand partners by providing excellent merchandise experience that benefit their communities.

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Modern Ads Team - production


With 27 years of expertise in brand management and product manufacturing, Modern Ads is a pioneer in creating and re-inventing merchandise that best serve teams and communities.

Our highly skilled in-house design and production team create products and experiences that resonate with your brand identity and intended purpose. We value research and market study as the foundation of effective merch experience.

Our strength lies in excellence and efficiency, and we take pride in the trust and loyalty of our world-class clientele.


The ACT of Branded Merchandise

Our team upholds the ACT of brand experience innovation. In whatever we do, we incorporate these three elements to ensure brand value fulfillment.

Every product is carefully selected to suit a brand. 
It is not just an item with a logo; It is hand-picked merchandise that represents your brand’s purpose.

We re-create, re-discover, and redefine branded merchandise. 
There will always be something new and exceptional in your merch, something your brand uniquely owns.

Our team is our pride: we work with skilled and hardworking
creators, whom most have been with us since our founding years. We are a family that nurtures and empowers each other, and we collectively grow and excel as a unit.

Modern Ads Team


We give high regard to giving back to our community. Since 1994 until today, we share the legacy of extending generosity and well-deserved privileges. Through educational and financial support to our team and their families, we celebrate success by appreciating them beyond the work they do.

In short, we walk our talk.