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April 13, 2022

The art of packaging has shifted from the backseat to the very front of the entire  branded merchandise experience. With limitless options in packaging, Modern Ads reinvents the rigid cardboard box to suit any brand packaging need.

There’s nothing like the feeling of receiving and opening a package— indeed, unboxing is a whole experience in itself. 

With the constant reinvention of packaging and product presentation, it’s safe to say that the packaging should be as valuable as the content. While your primary purpose is to deliver your product safely, you would also want to include it as a part of the experience. The box carries the product; and the box is also a product by itself. 

This now resulted in an infinite number of packaging alternatives readily available in the market. However, it also created a sense of commonality; almost all packages look the same across product variations. How you make yours more impressive than the rest comes down to its standalone value.

Modern Ads provides an alternative to box packaging with our very own custom-crafted, elegantly foliated rigid boxes and tied close with branded ribbons, including a message card for that personal touch.

run in sync box
ttec run in sync

Modern Ads’ Premium Customized Branded Box is 100% handmade, crafted starting from the base material, up to the coating and labeling using state-of-the art UV printing technology. Because it is custom-built in our in-house production facility, any size and design of any color is possible.

crayon box1
crayon box2

Safe and Sturdy

Your packaging will depend on what type of product you are sending. Volume and weight are two factors to consider.Branded boxes are four times thicker than regular carton boxes, and can protect your product with its durable frame that can withstand even long transports. Packaging fillers like crinkled paper, bubble wrap, or foam can be customized according to content as well.

top 100 box flatlay
DITO box

Customizable, Curated Gift Boxes

Tell us your box specifications and we will craft the perfect box for your merchandise. Every box type has its own features and functions, and we’ll guide you along the way to choose the perfect one for your promotional campaign, employee incentive project, or gifts to your clients or team members.

Boxes can be ribbon-tied, magnetic, or drawer type, all according to your presentation needs.

tsa box
jinkeeskin logo box

Easily Reusable

You can tell you made the right packaging choice when your box stays in someone’s home or personal space. Rigid boxes are infinitely functional; they can be reused, recycled, and repurposed over and over. And no matter what its use is at the moment, an impressive fact remains that your brand has become a permanent fixture in homes and workplaces.

Save Time and Money

While rigid boxes are often associated with luxury products, with Modern Ads, high-quality standard design with value for money is now obtainable.

We make it, we box it, we deliver it. Modern Ads has expanded its logistics department in partnership with a trusted international courier service to send your merchandise straight to your audience’s doorstep. Put a lid on your expenses by availing our 3in1 service.

Conclusion: quality, style, and value. These are the top three requirements in packaging. It’s not enough to think about the product alone; think of the box, too.