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April 13, 2022


“One reason why I’m still here is that… I’m happy.” - Joel Constantino

With nothing to prove and nothing to lose, Joel carved his own path into the industry, becoming Modern Ads’ most trusted and dependable team member, role model, and leader. Find out his thoughts on a contented career, and why he lasted 22 years (and counting) with Modern Ads.

Twenty-one years ago, Joel Constantino started his stunt in Modern Ads as a part-timer. Having no relevant credentials to land a highly technical job, it was his guts and the need to survive that made him grow as a person and rise as a skilled professional in the marketing and manufacturing industry.

He confessed that he was influenced by our boss’ challenging words in a magazine interview in 2005. 

“If you don't take risks, walang mangyayari [nothing will happen].” - Annaliza B. Laxamana, Founder and CEO of Modern Ads and Promo, Inc., Entrepreneur Magazine, September 2005 issue.

Joel has always been a learner. Being a high school graduate, he admitted he lacked the skill and training to handle computers or any equipment, let alone graphic design. Machines were never his expertise, but he relied on self-study to make himself indispensable.

2004: Joel (in red shirt) with MAPI team
2004: Joel (in red shirt) with MAPI team

“Nagre-research ako using YouTube, nagbabasa-basa ako, para matumbasan ko yung expectations ng mga boss,” [I learn from YouTube, I read (articles and guides) here and there, so I can meet my bosses’ expectations], Joel shared.

He also pointed out that “not trying” means missing opportunities. He makes sure he grabs every chance at improvement, earning the trust of his leaders.

“Yung talent mo, pinakita mo, (tapos) binigyan ka ng opportunity, sinayang mo lang,” [You show off your skills, but you waste it when given the opportunity].

To him, learning is a daily habit, and it enriches both his skills and sharpens his professionalism. Saying “no'' is not a part of his vocabulary, at least not before doing it first.

"Hindi mo pa nga nata-try, paano mo nasabing mahirap?" [You haven’t even tried it yet, how come you’re already saying it’s hard?], he responded to those who refuse to try something new. “Hindi ko pwede sabihin sa boss, ‘Hindi ko kaya eh.’ Gagawan ko (muna) ng paraan.” [Telling my boss, ‘I can’t do it’ doesn’t sit right with me. I’d work on learning it first].

He admitted to being offered several opportunities, including working abroad. But with careful thought, he declined. Somehow, circumstances always lead him to stay in Modern Ads.   

“Ang sakin kasi, parang pamilya narin. Yung papasok ka sa (ibang) kumpanya, hindi mo makakahalubilo ang boss. Parang pamilya na yung tinginan nyo.” [For me, (Modern Ads) is family. Employees can’t usually mingle with higher-ups. But there’s always been a familial bond here].

Family: MAPI celebrated its 25th anniversary in Laiya, Batangas.
Family: MAPI celebrated its 25th anniversary in Laiya, Batangas.

“Andon na yung ii-invite ka nila sa mga okasyon nila. Parang pumalagay narin ang loob mo.” [They would invite us to their family celebrations. So naturally, you’d feel at ease with them], he retold stories of Modern Ads employees attending their bosses  family’s birthday parties and reunions.

Chillin’ and grillin’: Joel (center), together with Mang Edward (left)  and Kuya Alvin (right).
Chillin’ and grillin’: Joel (center), together with Mang Edward (left) and Kuya Alvin (right).

He knew about the unkind words his loved ones would tell him about staying in a single company for too long. However, Joel believes there are rewards to being a homegrown team member, and now leader.

"Oo, walang yumayaman sa pagiging empleyado, pero natututo ako. Nai-share ko sa iba; hindi ko rin ipinagdamot." [Yes, being an employee might get you nowhere, but (what’s important is) I’m learning. I’m teaching others what I know; I don’t keep it to myself].

“Maging example ka, tsaka yung tinatawag nila boss na may malasakit ka sa kumpanya.” [You have to set an example, and just like what my bosses’ always say, you have to care for the company, (too)].

With the competitive industry pursuing professionalism and magnifying individual success, making employees care about their work is a challenge most business-owners face. Joel, however, never had a problem with it. He emphasized the importance of knowing the basics of work ethics.

“Basic lang diba? Pag pinraktis mo yung basic, yun na yun.” [It’s basic, isn’t it? If you do the basics, that’s all you need to know].

“Una, disiplina, eh. Yung disiplinahin mo ‘yung sarili mo. Pumasok ka ng maaga. Dapat clear din ang isip mo. Pagdating dito, trabaho ka.” [First of course, is discipline. Discipline yourself. Come on time. Keep a clear head. When you get to the office, get to work, too.]

“Malasakit pa. Kusa. Kasi pag araw-araw mo nang ginagawa, makakapag-desisyon ka na; Kabisado mo na yung trabaho.” [Caring about (your job is important), too. Initiative. When you do something on a daily basis, you can easily decide on small details (about the job), because you know the work by heart.]

“Siguro (kaya) tumatagal ako… masaya ako.” [One reason why I’m still here is that… I’m happy], Joel wrapped it all up with this compelling statement.

Contentment may sound unambitious, but in reality, only those who are content get the best out of the work they do, and more. We at Modern Ads love supporting our team with the stability and lifelong learning they deserve.

To Joel, a true leader, we are happy to work with you, too.